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High-Quality Grave Markers and Footstones

Choose from granite, marble, or bronze carved or incised with custom lettering and emblems. Discover a variety of graceful contours sized to meet your requirements and those of the cemetery in which it will be placed.

Helpful Hints for Choosing Your Marker

Cemeteries have certain specifications for the markers and footstones that are allowed to be placed in them. Shelley Brothers Monuments is familiar with area guidelines - you'll wish to know the guidelines before making any decisions. Only when you are completely satisfied with your marker or footstone, it will be installed.

All Work Is Done On-Site

All markers and footstones are completed on-site. If you have any concerns or do not see a design or style that you're looking for, don't hesitate to ask. We can customize a finished product that will meet your expectations.

Color Possibilities

  • Gray (barre)
  • Mountain rose
  • Canadian pink
  • Mahogany
  • Impala black
  • We offer more - please ask or view our color selections

Pre-Select a Memorial or Marker

You may have a family plot and / or have already discussed preferences with family members. You will always find a friendly professional at Shelley Brothers to assist you and your family with choosing the appropriate style for your memorial.
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