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Customize Existing Monuments and Headstones

If you have an already-existing monument, headstone, or marker in a cemetery that needs lettering or customization completed, we can take care of it. We will carve in names and dates and update any information necessary on the marker.

A Variety of Writing Styles

When we customize the lettering on any headstone, marker, or memorial, you can select from various writing styles and sizes. We provide high-quality lettering services for brand new monuments, and we can also handle changes and modifications to memorials and stones that are already placed in cemeteries in the area.

On-Site Stone Work

Our team is prepared to handle a wide array of on-site work, including lettering, cleaning, engraving, carving, and restoration. Lettering techniques vary based on the stone finish and type of carving applied, and we will make sure that you get exactly what you want on any marker or stone.
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Lettering Expertise

  •     Match fonts, sizes, colors
  •     Hand etching
  •     Efficient response times
  •     Granite, brick, wood, and more
  •     Repair and restore older monuments
  •     Re-paint old monuments
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Preserve the Memory of Loved Ones

Cemetery lettering is very important, as family members will rely on that information for years to come to teach future generations about deceased loved ones. Shelley Brothers Monuments will customize any information needed on any monument, and we can work out of our location or at the site of any marker or gravestone in any cemetery.
We ensure all lettering is
done right, every time.

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We combine state-of-the-art computer designs with old-style craftsmanship to create personalized memorials.
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